Fresh Duck

We think duck is a remarkable meat and that cooking with duck makes a meal far more memorable. Duck tastes wonderful, is one of the healthier meats you can choose, and is far easier to cook than you might think.

All our fresh duck portions are Gressingham Duck®, a unique breed with more breast meat and less fat for a more succulent meat, reared free-to-roam in barns on Red Tractor assured farms in Suffolk and Norfolk.

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Duck Breasts

Our duck breasts are simple and quick to cook. Simply score, season, sear, roast, rest and enjoy! Like steak duck can be served pink or well done and makes a wonderful end of the week treat.


Whole Duck

The perfect centrepiece to your Sunday roast or celebratory meal. Don't forget to rest the bird before carving to make it even more succulent.


Duck Legs

Duck legs have a delicious taste and texture and benefit from being slow roasted, simply season and place in the oven for around 90 minutes.


Duck Crown

The legs have been removed from our duck crown leaving the breast joint and wings so it cooks faster than a whole bird.


Duck breast portions

So easy and quick to cook, serves 2, ready in 20 minutes.