Orange Recipes

A popular and time-honoured combination of duck recipes with orange. From glazed duck to duck salad or roast duck, we have the recipe to suit.

Orange Sauce for Duck A tangy and sweet orange sauce for duck with a chilli twist.
Asian Duck à l’Orange An old favourite with a little Oriental twist.
Duck à l’Orange Created by our friends at Hello Fresh, this is a modern twist on an 80s classic - Duck a l'Orange.
Duck & Orange Wraps This nutritionist-designed recipe isn’t just full of healthy ingredients but it also tastes like a total treat.
Orange & Chilli Half Duck

This zesty Orange and Chilli duck recipe is a perfect option for spring.

Roast Duck Breast, Fennel & Orange Salad

A delicious salad with fennel, green beans, orange and watercress with a pomegranate dressing.

Roast Duck Breast with Orange & Passion Fruit Sauce

A romantic sharing platter perfect for Valentine's.

One pot duck, cider and orange casserole This easy, one-pot duck casserole can be cooked in the oven or in a slow cooker... The ultimate comfort dinner!
Orange and Whisky Roasted Duck Glazing this roast duck with Cherry Tree Orange & Whiskey marmalade adds tonnes of flavour.
Duck breast with orange glaze, celeriac and sage gratin A classic dish made with thinly sliced vegetables.
Roast duck Breast with a cherry and orange glaze Delicious roast duck paired with a classic orange and cherry sauce. Perfect for a special night in.
Orange Salted Duck This Orange Salted Duck recipe is a perfect way to showcase your duck with simple but tasty ingredients.
Slow Cooker Duck à l’Orange

Slow cookers are an energy efficient way to cook, however not all of our products are suitable to cook in this way. Here is a recipe for slow cooker duck a l’orange.

Duck Breast with Potato Dauphinoise & Caramelised Chicory A supremely comforting recipe, complete with chicory and a creamy potato dauphinoise.
Crispy Duck Crown with Bigarade Sauce A French orange sauce originating from Provence and a classic accompaniment for duck.

Fresh Duck Delicious.
Quick. Easy.

Why not treat the family to a whole duck roast? Duck tastes wonderful and is one of the healthier meats you can choose.