A Gressingham Christmas

Christmas feels like it is well on its way and already our minds are turning to all the lovely seasonal recipes and treats to be consumed over the festive period. Afterall Christmas is more than just one day, it is a whole season of celebrations and get togethers.

Why choose Gressingham this Christmas?

The Gressingham Duck is a unique breed that first came about when the flavourful wild Mallard was crossed with the larger Pekin duck, it is now renowned for its superior taste and succulence making it a favourite amongst restaurant chefs. Our ducks are grown and packed on Red Tractor farms and factories in East Anglia so you can be assured that our products are traceable, safe and farmed with care. You can find our duck products in all the major supermarkets and from butchers and farm shops across the country.

Duck makes a meal extra special so is perfect for entertaining, we have a selection of recipes for social gatherings and special nights in.

If you are planning a festive dinner party, we have a few recipes that are ideal for prepping ahead of time so they are cooking in the oven when your guests arrive or you simply need to heat up when they arrive.

Our duck au vin recipe is our twist on the classic coq au vin, prep the duck and vegetables ahead of time and then heat in the oven for around `1 hour 20 minutes while you get ready!





The festive pulled wreath recipe can be made ahead and makes a great centrepiece to your dining table. You can make it with either a crispy aromatic whole duck or a plain, fresh cooked duck.



…and for the big day…


We are not just the duck people! We also produce seasonal turkeys for Christmas, they are all reared on our Red Tractor assured farms here in East Anglia to high welfare standards. Choose from our Bronze Free Range Turkeys or our white fresh turkeys. They are available to order from Booths, Ocado and Amazon Fresh (in selected areas).



Or if you fancy something a bit different this year our Gressingham geese are all reared free range on farms in East Anglia from early summer until Autumn where they graze the grass as well as eat a mix of wheat and soya with added vitamins and minerals. The birds are looked after by experienced farmers who are trained to care for these big but beautiful birds. You can order a Gressingham goose from Ocado or Sainsburys.


Happy Festive Planning (and eating of course!)


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