Halloween Treats

Our crispy aromatic duck products are a sure fire hit with the whole family, pop the duck in the oven, shred up when cooked and serve with hoisin sauce, pancakes, cucumber and spring onions. Put in the middle of the table and let everyone dig in. An ideal treat for the Halloween weekend. Find them in Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsburys, Ocado and Asda.

If you fancy serving your duck in a slightly different way you could use it as an alternative to beef in chilli

Combine the shredded meat with black beans, chopped tomatoes, spices and chorizo for a hearty chilli. The duck adds a richness to the dish and adds an extra punch of flavour. Serve with basmati rice or baked sweet potatoes. See the aromatic duck chilli recipe here




Or it is perfect for a delicious filling for spring rolls, add ginger and coriander to the meat and add to the rolls. Serve with hoisin sauce on the side for dipping your rolls, cucumber and onions into. See the recipe here




Use tortilla wraps for a more substantial meal, fill with sweetcorn, red onions, shredded aromatic meat and coriander for a simple supper for the whole family. See the full recipe here




There are lots of new duck recipes in our brand new Gressingham Cook Book. For your chance to win one visit our competition page here or alternatively you can purchase a copy of the book on the publishers website here

Happy Halloween!


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