Dine in with duck.

It's deliciously simple.

Roast duck breast with asparagus, caramelised shallot and hispi cabbage

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How to cook duck breast

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Red Tractor Assured...

Gressingham Duck, bred, hatched & reared on Red Tractor assured farms in East Anglia.

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  • gressingham
    Congratulations to all of the lucky 'Dine in with Duck' competition winners - Treena Khan, Marie Bell, William Napier, Dawn Floodgate, Lara Smith, Wendy Tanner, Renate Kriegler Edwards, Daisy McLean, Claire Warner, Nicky Brady, Jackie Foster, Damon Li, Bella Smyth, Daisy Elizabeth, Julie B...
  • gressingham
    This fantastic recipe is a delicioulsy different way of serving duck http://bit.ly/1eP0IW7Duck meatballs and tagliatelle in broth..circahappy.comThe secret of this dish is duck broth, which it should be simmered for 5 hours in the oven. You can do this a day ahead and keep it refrigerated until you ...

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  • gressingham
    Ready to start flipping those pancakes?!
  • gressingham
    Great meal @PloughandSail with in laws & abs last night!! My @RemarkableDuck was outa this world..thankyou..thumbs up to the new chairs ect.