Popular Recipes

Orange Sauce for Duck A tangy and sweet orange sauce for duck with a chilli twist.
Honey & Orange Glazed Duck Breast A fruity and deliciously sweet honey glazed duck breast recipe.
Cherry & Red Wine Sauce A speedy, sumptuous sauce that you can cook in advance.
Boozy Sauce for Duck A delicious boozy blackberry and port sauce that works perfectly with duck.
Redcurrant Jus A deep and rich redcurrant sauce perfect for any cut of duck.
Roast Duck with red wine gravy and spring greens Best served with roast potatoes and spring green vegetables.
Duck Confit

Discover how to make a mouthwatering duck confit. This classic yet versatile duck dish is fantastic any time of the year.

Sticky Marinated Duck Sweet, sticky duck marinade is a favourite way to prepare Gressingham Duck.
Marmalade Sauce An orange marmalade sauce recipe that is exquisite for duck. Quick and simple to make in 30 minutes.
Roast Duck with Honey & Rosemary Fantastic roast duck with honey and rosemary jus, served with duck fat roast potatoes.

Fresh Duck Delicious.
Quick. Easy.

Why not treat the family to a whole duck roast? Duck tastes wonderful and is one of the healthier meats you can choose.