The Ultimate Roast Dinner

This Eastertime treat your family and loved ones to the ultimate roast dinner, whole duck with all of the trimmings.


Tasty whole duck is easier to cook than you may think, simply season and prick the skin around the legs and then place into the oven for the allocated time. The meat has a rich, gamey flavour and is topped by delicious crispy skin. You can use the juices from the bird to make fantastic gravy, and don’t forget to save the fat for making roast potatoes.


Everyone’s favourite roast potatoes are the perfect addition to your meal. You can either use the fat reserved from the meat or purchase a pot of duck fat from the supermarket. Top tip is to par boil the potatoes, drain and rough up in the pan, lightly coat in plain flour and then place in a dish of heated duck fat in the oven. Turn regularly and cook until golden brown,

Red Wine Gravy is a luxuourious, rich accompaniment to your roast duck, Make using the giblets that are included with the whole bird. See our full recipe for red wine gravy here.

Make the most of delicious root vegetables while they are still in season and readily available in the supermarket. See our simple recipe for roasted winter vegetables here.


Happy Easter!

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