How to BBQ duck and speciality poultry


To celebrate the launch of our brand new Turkey burgers in Waitrose (rrp £3.50) we are giving you the ultimate guide to cooking some of our products on the BBQ just in time for Father’s Day on the 21st June. So what are you waiting for? Crack open a beer, fire up the BBQ and get cooking!

These new turkey burgers are the perfect choice for your summer dining occasions, they are low in fat, flavoursome and a great alternative to more traditional red meat options.





If you fancy something different on the BBQ try duck breasts and serve with grilled Mediterranean vegetables and a glass of Pinot Noir. Cook by following these instructions –

1. Pat the duck breasts with kitchen roll to absorb any excess moisture, score the skin of the duck breast with a sharp knife and season.

2. Brush the grate with a neutral oil

3. Grill skin side down for 5 minutes, flip the duck breasts over and cook for a further 5 minutes until medium to well done (check that the core temperature reaches 70°C with a meat thermometer).

4. Rest for at least 5 minutes.


For something a little more straightforward you can roast our salt and pepper spatchcock poussin in your traditional oven (190°C, Fan 170°C, Gas Mark 5) by laying it flat on a roasting tray. Then wrap in foil and finish off on the BBQ, serve with a potato salad.




Barbecuing duck legs is simple, prepare your BBQ for grilling on a medium heat. Brush the grate with a neutral oil to stop the duck legs from sticking to the grate while they cook. Pat the duck legs with kitchen roll to absorb any excess moisture, prick the skin of the legs all over and season. When the BBQ starts to smoke, cook the duck legs skin side up over an indirect medium heat. If your BBQ has a lid keep it closed as much as possible until the duck legs are evenly browned, crispy and fully cooked which will take around an hour (check that the core temperature reaches 70°C).



For a real stand out dish try beer can duck; a whole duck roasted on a Beer Can on your BBQ. It’s easier than it looks and tastes great, too – you just need to empty out two-thirds of a 500ml can of beer, pierce a couple of holes in the top of the can, sit the duck on the can and BBQ for 2 hours.



Happy Barbecuing!

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