Posted: 09/04/2018


This blog is inspired by our latest competition which involves us partnering up with Blue Dragon to offer some wonderful hampers. So whether your having a dinner party, or want to try some new dishes check out these recipes to get your taste buds tingling.

Sichuan-spiced duck bites these are great as either a main meal or smaller versions to be a part of an array of dishes. We love the inclusion of the glass noodles, for something a little different. For the recipe (Click Here)

Sichuan duck wrap close large


 5 Spice duck leg with Asian slaw this dish is great to experience a cocktail of flavours, with the seasoned duck leg accompanied by the wonderful flavours form the vegetables in the slaw. For this recipe (Click Here)


5 spice duck leg with Asian slaw list

Duck breast with a Vietnamese noodle and mango salad this light and refreshing dish pulls together a combination of tastes to create this delicious Eastern meal. To try this recipe (Click Here)

Duck breast with a Vietnamese noodle and mango salad list


Spring rolls nothing beats homemade food and this is the same for spring rolls, check out this easy versatile recipe (Click Here)

spring rolls

Egg fried rice another classic oriental dish, how can you have a Chinese without some fried rice?! Follow this simple recipe to create your own (Click Here)

fried rice