Duck Scratchings

A tasty snack that is easy to prepare and a great way of using up duck breast skin should it not be required for a recipe.

Serves: 2
10 minutes
3 minutes


  • Skin of 2 duck breast or legs
  • 200ml duck fat or vegetable oil


  1. Using a sharp knife, halve the duck skins lengthways and widthways. Cut into 1cm slices then pat dry with kitchen paper.
  2. Put the fat or oil in a small, deep pan on a medium heat and bring up to a temperature of 200°c (or test the temperature with a cube of bread; it should turn brown in 30 seconds when the oil is hot enough). Carefully lay the duck skin into the oil and fry until puffed up, golden and crispy.
  3. Remove with a metal slotted spoon and place on clean kitchen paper. Immediately sprinkle over some salt, and for a little twist you could also sprinkle over some mild curry powder or Chinese five spice. Allow the duck scratchings to cool before eating.

Our Story

The Gressingham duck is a unique breed that first came about when the small but flavourful wild Mallard was crossed with the larger Pekin duck giving a meaty, succulent duck with more breast meat, less fat and a rich gamey flavour.