Recycling Policy

Our commitment to sustainability drives us to continuously improve our environmental performance from ‘farm to fork’. Through increases in efficiency and reduction in raw material consumption, we will continue to meet the needs of the present without compromising future generations.

  • We monitor our energy usage each year with the aim of further increasing energy efficiency.
  • We are reducing the consumption of raw materials including water.
  • We minimise the production of waste to landfill by encouraging reuse and recycling
  • We work to the Environmental Management Protocols of ISO14001 and are committed to responsible energy management throughout our premises, plant, and equipment.

A large percentage of the packaging that our products come in can be widely recycled such as our cardboard cartons, sleeves and the foil trays inside the cartons. Unfortunately, the clear film, sachets and black trays are not currently recycled. At the moment it is very difficult to find an alternative material that is both recyclable and gives our products the shelf life that the retailers and end consumer expects from fresh products. The black trays actually have 50-75% recycled content in them.

We are currently working on various projects with specialists to design packaging to recapture the value of materials through recycling for all of our packaging, eliminating the costs and environmental impacts associated with its disposal.