Fresh lemons and mint bring a zingy flavour to this simple dish. Juices from the duck are packed full of flavour so don’t forget the dipping bread! (Serves 2)

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Pre-heat the oven to 180°C, Fan 160°C, Gas Mark 4.
  2. Score the fat on each duck breast and season well with Salt, Pepper, 5-Spice and Thyme. Place the duck breasts skin side down into a large frying pan, and place on a medium heat (without oil) and cook for about 8 minutes until the fat has rendered out and the skin has gone golden brown & crispy. 
  3. Place the breasts skin side up on a rack in a roasting tin in the middle of the oven. For rare cook for 10 minutes, medium - 15 mins, well done - 18 mins.
  4. Whilst the duck is roasting, pour away the fat from the frying pan and add the Lemon, Chilli & Mint. Mix in a little olive oil to create a dressing.
  5. Leave the duck breasts to rest for five minutes before carving, then arrange onto a plate and drizzle with the mint & chilli dressing.


  • Tried this last night tops thank u

    Mike, Manchester , GB

  • Fantastic, simple recipe that makes a great meal

    Martin , Exeter, GB

  • I may use this recipe and then add salad and use in wraps, using left over duck from the roast we are having tonight. as i have done in the past with left over roasts, I will dry fry the spices with the meat, to warm through, then serve straight away. It's worked in the past, so I am sure it will work with Duck chilli, etc too.

    Lizzie Ross, Macclesfield, GB

  • Will try recipe next weekend like to try something differant

    Jenny Gibbons

  • Will be trying this one as its also our 19th wedding anniversary


  • Try this! Honey star anise and ginger duck breasts. Ingreds;4 duck breasts; 1tsp 5 spice; 200ml chicken stock; 3 tbsp honey; 3 tbsps soy sauce; 1 knob ginger grated; 3 star anise; pinch chilli flakes and juice 1 lime. Method; preheat oven to 180c/gas 4; score and season breasts with 5 spice; put skin side down in a cold pan heat slowly for 10 mins then drain off fat and turn up heat - fry til crisp skin then turn and fry 2 mins - then put in a tin and into oven for 10 mins. Put all remaining ingredients into same frying pan and boil until reduced by half (roughly 5 mins) strain and pour over the duck - enjoy!!

    Aeron Mckenzie

  • I will certainly be using this recipe on valentines night it sounds delicious. Usually make duck-a-la-orange but this sounds a winner.

    Valli Woods

  • Sounds lovely will def. Be trying this recipe

    Judy Hastings

  • Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What taste thanks x


  • I will cook this for my partner who i hope will really enjoy it sounds lovely

    Anthony Wood

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