Turkey and Gressingham Goose

We might be the 'Gressingham Duck people' but there is room in our hearts for other poultry too.




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All our turkeys come from Red Tractor assured British farms, many of which are here in East Anglia. We offer both free range turkeys and turkeys that have been reared free to roam in large airy barns with natural daylight and good ventilation. Our turkeys are given perches and pecking objects to encourage them to interact and be active during the day, at night they are encouraged to roost and sleep. They eat a mix of wheat and soya with vitamins and minerals to ensure they are given a balanced diet to meet their needs.


Gressingham Goose

Gressingham Geese are grown free range on farms in East Anglia, from early summer until autumn, where they graze the grass as well as eat a mix of wheat and soya with vitamins and minerals. The birds are looked after by experienced farmers who are trained to care for these big but beautiful birds.