Guinea Fowl and Quail

We might be the 'Gressingham Duck people' but there is room in our hearts for other poultry too.


Guinea Fowl

Often described as “how chicken used to taste” guinea fowl is a traditional bird, simple to cook for a succulent meat with a subtle taste of game. You can use guinea fowl as a more interesting alternative in many chicken recipes. Our guinea fowl are grown on locally-approved farms by our friends the Leon family in Brittany, France.



Quail is a small game bird popular with chefs for its relatively high proportion of lean, meaty flesh to bone, its delicate flavour and striking appearance on the plate. Typically a quail will serve one person as a starter, two would be needed for a main. Our quail are grown on small specialist farms in France where they are free to roam and dust bathe in the fresh bedding within the house.