Farm Manager Diss area

Farm Manager Diss area
REPORTING TO: Area manager
OVERALL AIM OF THE JOB: To carry out all tasks required in the day to day running of a commercial duck farm, whilst maintaining the highest level of bird welfare standards and bio security. As manager to ensure the farm is run as efficiently as possible.

• To ensure that stock is grown to the highest welfare standards whilst maintaining a presentable, and bio secure unit.
• To comply with customer and Company requirements.
• To ensure birds are produced in a manner that results in low mortalities and factory condemnations whilst achieving efficient FCRs and providing accurate live weights.
• To work alongside the HR and Training Teams to support the recruitment, development, management and retention of staff, whilst promoting a positive outlook and adhering to Company ethos, whilst being responsible for staff and staffing levels, staff wellbeing and being involved in resolving staffing issues/conflicts.
• Keep detailed records of flock performance.
• Keep detailed records as highlighted in the farm manual and welfare standards.
• In conjunction with the QC, Area Manager and farms office to organise and arrange scheduling of all farm inputs and monthly stock returns, complete the farm App and develop your team.
• Ensure that safe working practices are maintained across the farms adhering to Company SOPs and HSE best practice.
• Report any issues with inputs affecting quality that could affect bird performance.
• Report machinery and housing defects as they occur in accordance with company procedures.
• Maintain machinery and buildings in a good and working condition, as per manufacturers recommendations and Company SOPs.

Skills, Knowledge and Experience
Full induction and on-site training, previous experience required in the poultry farming.
Excellent timekeeping. (Limited time to carry out task. Failure to arrive on time puts extra pressure on the rest of the team).
Good communication skills (liaise with team and manager, feeding back any concerns or suggestions for improvements) Keep manager aware of circumstances (sick absence/holiday requests etc).
Strong team working skills (support and encouragement, building good relationships with colleagues across all Departments)

Working hours: Monday to Thursday 07:30am to 04:00pm, Friday 3pm finish, either a Saturday and Sunday morning and occasionally back for PM checks on these days.

Current starting rate: 34-38k
Interested? Please contact Gressingham HR on 01473 734230 or email for an application form.