Trained Poultry Slaughtermen, PIA and Live Bird handlers

Trained Poultry Slaughtermen,PIA and Live Bird handlers

JOB TITLE: Poultry Slaughtermen, PIA and Live bird handlers.

Job Description: To assist on the Hang On, Slaughter and Inspection of poultry

The main aim of the role is to hang live birds on to shackles, following Standard Operating Procedures to ensure all bird welfare regulations are adhered to.


1. Hang live birds following Company Standard Operating Procedures and Safe Systems of Work, to ensure bird welfare is maintained at all times, referring any issues or concerns to the manager if identified, immediately.

2. Follow H&S procedures in place, reporting any near misses, or accidents immediately after the event, or at the safest opportunity. To always work and behave in a safe manner.

3. Undertake all training, including induction training in a positive and receptive manner.

4. To support colleagues, including any new staff on the team, leading by example, to ensure they follow all procedures as they have been trained to do.

5. To promote a positive atmosphere, and work as a team, to ensure all tasks are carried out effectively.

6. To support and maintain hygiene within the area, assisting colleagues in any cleaning requirements necessary.

7. To ensure you maintain your PPE, requesting any replacements when required.

8. To ensure all Covid measures are implemented in line with the factory’s risk assessment and any other measures in place.

Job Type: AM and PM shift
Hours: 06:00am – 14:30pm (Monday to Friday) or 14:30pm – 23:00pm (Monday to Friday)

Salary: Depending on qualifications, Start rate £9.25 per hour + £50 Attendance bonus (based on attendance if full week is worked)
Skilled rate from £9.55 per hour to £11.15 per hour + £50 Attendance bonus (based on attendance if full week is worked)

Reporting: Line Leader

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