Assistant Production Manager – Redgrave

REPORTING TO: Senior Production Manager   DIRECT REPORTS:    Operatives


  1. To ensure and be responsible that your Area conforms to all company and legislative health and safety requirements and drive a positive Health and Safety Culture within your team.
  2. To maintain smooth and cost effective operations in your Area and ALL customer requirements are met in a cost effective and timely manner regarding quality and delivery times.
  3. To maintain the highest quality standards and to meet customer expectations regarding those standards
  4. To maximize yield and minimise waste in regards to Labour,packaging,utilities and continually monitor and improve efficiencies with the use of visual aids like sic boards and populate daily KPI info.
  5. To ensure your Area conforms to current hygiene requirements from a legal and company policy perspective.
  6. Constantly review training requirements for your team and action any requirements through the training department.



  1. To be responsible for the Health & Safety function and awareness in your area. Constantly review working practices either existing or new and review with your team SSOW and RA accordingly. Hold regular H&S inspections within your, and other areas with members of your team. Carry out Accident investigations rigorously and in detail and close off and action any findings and actions highlighted. Monitor and record near misses and hazards on a daily basis and report and close off any findings. Promote a positive H&S Culture within your area making sure ALL line managers and operatives are fully aware of H&S issues and make H&S their first priority.
  2. Motivate and supervise team of line leaders/operatives in order to achieve required production volumes at specified quality and delivery times with minimum cost.


  1. Production efficiency monitoring with the use of SIC boards and KPI information on a daily basis.


  1. Ensure hygiene and housekeeping standards are maintained from a legal and company perspective, throughout your area.


  1. Monitor labour costs for all operational areas against standards and identify opportunities for improvement. Implement identified opportunities.


  1. Ensure consistent flow of production data for KPI reports and in conjunction with Senior Production Manager.


  1. Constantly review production methods and systems within your area, in order to improve efficiency


  1. Monitor waste levels and take appropriate measures to correct causes of waste


  1. Make sure department lines are set up each day to maximise its effectiveness.


  1. Liaise with Personnel Manager/Training Officer in order to develop and deliver effective training programmes that will provide appropriate levels of multi-skilling and identify individuals who have the potential for advancement.


  1. Conduct regular appraisals within your team to promote targets and identify positive/negative achievements and training/coaching and address as required


  1. In conjunction with the Technical Team and PC’s ensure that all production control procedures are maintained to the standards required by the company, customers and FSA


  1. Measure and control holidays and absence within your area to maintain effective manning levels daily and follow company procedures regards return to works and disciplinary procedures.


  1. Any other manual or management duties relating to food production as the company may reasonably require.

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