Summer Dining ideas

The Summer holidays are almost upon us and while duck may not be your ‘go to’ meal in the warmer weather there are still many ways that you can enjoy it in a lighter way. We have put together some of our tips for summer dining the Gressingham way:

  • Slow cook duck legs in the oven with Chinese 5 Spice sprinkled on the top. Shred and serve with a big salad and crusty bread.
  • Make a tasty marinade for your duck and other meat to use on the BBQ by mixing sweet chilli sauce with soy sauce, garlic, ginger, sesame oil and brown sugar. Paint a thin layer of the marinade on to your meat before cooking. Cook the meat on the BBQ following our how to guide, paint more marinade on the meat towards the end of cooking.
  • Pick up one of our new Bistro restaurant style products, they cook in just 30 minutes and feel like a real treat as they are based on dishes served in your favourite restaurants. Serve with a side salad and potatoes or fresh pasta.
  • You have the duck but what to drink? Smashing Wines recommend Le Vi de Blaise, it is a medium-bodied wine full of ripe, dark-berry fruit, spice and liquorice aroma that is perfect with smoked duck breast salad or barbecued duck breast
  • For pudding our summer favourite is this strawberry pavlova recipe from BBC Good Food , it is very simply to make but looks so impressive

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