Posted: 24/08/2018


 Cooking with duck is the perfect way to make a meal that little bit more special and it is so simple too. In this blog we want to share some side recipes with you to complete your main course meal and some wonderfully sweet dessert ideas for those with room!

Snazzy Sides
Potato dauphinoise: This luxurious potato side dish recipe is a great accompaniment to your favourite duck dish. For the recipe Click Here.



Green beans: Quick and easy fresh green beans are pan-fried in garlic butter for a simple side dish. For the recipe Click Here.

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Sweet potato mash: Sweet potato mash works perfectly with duck, and the versatility of the dish means you can customise the flavour to your preferences. The link provides a great video of how to create the perfect sweet potato mash. For the recipe Click Here. 



Root vegetables with maple and pomegranate glaze: why not make your vegetables a little more exciting by trying this recipe? So simple yet provides that extra bit of flavour to add to your dish.  For the recipe Click Here.

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Sweet Treats
Treacle sponge pudding: I don’t know about you but this pudding reminds me of my childhood. This sponge pudding is delicious served with warm custard or ice cream. For the recipe Click Here.

 Treacle Sponge Header


 Elderflower and raspberry jelly: A light dessert bursting with berry flavours, subtle floral undertones and the fabulous fizz of the prosecco. For the recipe Click Here.

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Chocolate torte: How could we provide you with some amazing desserts without including chocolate- we couldn’t! This chocolate torte recipe will taste as good as it looks, serve and enjoy with your favourite ice cream or selection of fruits. For the recipe Click Here.