British Game Week

Great British Game week kicks off on the 25th November and celebrates all things game.

Wild game meats are not only tasty but are among the healthiest sources of protein available. They are favoured by dieticians and sportspeople and are fast becoming a staple for the nation’s health conscious consumers. Gressingham Game products come from animals and birds that have lived entirely wild existences, roaming freely across vast estates. The result is lean, low fat meat loaded with vitamins and minerals alongside many other benefits.

You can currently find our venison steaks and diced venison in Asda stores across the country. All of our venison products are 100% traceable and we are approved by the Scottish Quality Wild Venison scheme which ensures sustainable and hygienic practices. Venison is delicious and and makes a great alternative to steak, it is very lean and can be used in casseroles, sauces or with fries and a peppercorn sauce, just like steak!

Here are some of our favourite game recipes…



Game pie is a delicious winter warmer, you can use our venison steak mix as a delicious pie filling along with streaky bacon, red wine and shallots. See the whole Game Pie recipe here.



Calling all mushroom fans, this venison steak with a mushroom sauce recipe is for you, finished with madeira wine is so moreish.




Finally pheasant fillets make a great casserole filling, we have a delicious casserole recipe with apples and bacon.




We hope you will enjoy celebrating game week, don’t forget to send us your recipe shots on social media!

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