Introducing ‘Bistro’ by Gressingham…

Introducing ‘Bistro’ by Gressingham…

A new range of effortlessly-delicious restaurant-style meals that are ready in minutes. We are building on Gressingham's heritage of appearing on the menus of top restaurants across the country, bringing the flavours and ingredients to these new products so that you can 'eat out at home'. Perfect for the special 'dine in' occasion on a Friday or Saturday evening with your favourite wine. Simply heat in the oven and serve with your favourite side dishes.

The full range includes,

  • Duck in plum sauce
  • Duck a l'orange
  • Duck confit
  • Duck with a honey and hoisin sauce
  • Duck with orange and maple sauce

The Bistro products are currently available to purchase in Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsburys and Morrisons. Keep your eyes peeled for new products being added to the range.

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