Best recipes for a Father’s Day BBQ

The best way to treat your Dad this Father’s Day is a BBQ (closely followed by breakfast in bed!)

With this in mind, we’ve gone into our treasure trove of duck recipes and picked out the 5 best ideas for your Fathers Day BBQ. So what are you waiting for? Crack open a beer, fire up the BBQ and get cooking!

(Note – we can’t guarantee sunshine, but we can guarantee great-tasting food and smiles all round.)

  1. Salt and Pepper Spatchcock Poussin on the BBQ: This recipe for yummy poussin in a simple salt and pepper marinade tastes great on the BBQ but if the weather has betrayed you, you can cook it indoors! Serve with salad or roasted summer veg.
  2. Beer Can Duck: This is a party pleaser; a whole duck roasted on a Beer Can on your BBQ. It’s easier than it looks and tastes great, too – you just need to empty out two-thirds of a 500ml can of beer, pierce a couple of holes in the top of the can, sit the duck on the can and BBQ for 2 hours.
  3. Barbecued Honey Gressingham Duck Breast: Quick, simple and delicious – this honey duck breast will be cooked and ready to go in 15 minutes. It can be gluten free, too – just swap the soy sauce in the recipe for tamari sauce.
  4. Sweet Chilli Marinade for Duck: This zingy marinade is easy to make and delicious on whole duck, legs or breasts – take your pick!
  5. Duck Burger with Plum and Chia Ketchup: This recipe is for oven-cooking, but you can just as easily prep your burgers and then cook them on the BBQ. They’re made with skinless duck breast, so they’re a great source of lean protein.

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