5 ways with aromatic duck!

Our aromatic duck is carefully prepared with authentic herbs and spices so that you can have the great taste of a restaurant dish at home. Here are 5 ways that you can serve our aromatic duck –

  • With Chinese Style pancakes, hoisin sauce and spring onions and cucumber. This is a real favourite and goes down well with the whole family. Children love getting involved in shredding the meat and drizzling the sauce to prepare their own pancakes. You can use tortilla wraps or lettuce leaves as an alternative to pancakes if you like.
  • As a chilli! Shredded aromatic duck makes a fantastic alternative to minced beef in a chilli dish, it adds an extra depth and richness to the flavour. Add cooking chorizo, red onion, chopped tomatoes, black beans, chipotle paste and spices to a pan with the meat to cook. Serve with basmati rice or sweet potato wedges. For the full recipe click here.
  • As a filling for tostadas – this is a quick and filling supper idea. Add sweetcorn, paprika, onion jam and coriander to the shredded duck and fill tortillas, fry in a pan to make them crispy
  • With a tasty salad, serve the shredded meat on a bed of leaves with red grapes and pomegranate seeds as a fresh lunch idea.
  • As a posh mac’n’cheese filling! Stir shredded aromatic duck meat into your macaroni cheese mix before placing in the oven. Its delicious!

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