The Duck People

A family business founded in 1971, we take our name today from our best selling product the remarkable Gressingham Duck®, a unique breed renowned for its superior taste and higher percentage of breast meat. From our British farms based in beautiful East Anglia we are the only company in the world licensed to produce the unique Gressingham Duck®, and although today the range of poultry and meat we provide has grown, to many we remain 'the Gressingham Duck people'. 

The Tasty Duck

We think duck is a remarkable meat and that cooking with duck makes a meal far more memorable. Duck tastes wonderful, is one of the healthier meats you can choose and is far easier to cook than people think. In fact a skinless duck fillet has less calories and less than half the fat of a skinless chicken fillet ­(a skinless duck fillet has 92kcal and 1.3g of fat per 100g compared to a skinless chicken fillet that has 120kcal and 3.2g of fat per 100g). We want more people to try cooking with duck, which is why we’ve created a new generation of simple and delicious duck recipes that anyone can try.


The Remarkable Duck

The Gressingham is a unique breed that first came about when the small but flavourful wild mallard was crossed with the larger Pekin duck giving a meaty, succulent duck with more breast meat, less fat and a rich gamey flavour. This reputation for exceptional taste has made Gressingham the duck of choice for most major UK retailers and many independent stockists and specialist butchers, as well as being featured on the menus of top restaurants nationwide. In fact it’s quite a remarkable duck. Delicious duck comes from responsible farming and that’s why we work tirelessly to ensure the welfare of our poultry, the wellbeing of our staff and the satisfaction of our customers. We are also independently endorsed by the Red Tractor scheme which demonstrates our commitment to welfare, the environment and food safety. You can find out more here.

More than Gressingham Duck

We might be the “Gressingham Duck people” but there is room in our hearts and on our plates for other duck and other poultry too. From our farms in Suffolk and Norfolk, and working with other British farmers, we produce free-range turkey and goose, which are particularly popular at Christmas.

We have found the most delicious crispy aromatic duck and seasoned duck breasts made from the Pekin Duck produced by partners in Thailand with a unique method to an authentic recipe and to the same exacting standards as our own. So good we had to share them!
Our guinea fowl, quail and poussin are grown on locally approved farms by our friends the Leon family in Brittany, France.



Green Label Foods founded by Miriam and Maurice Buchanan at Debach in Suffolk
The Gressingham Duck was first bred using strains of wild Mallard in the village of Gressingham near Lancaster
The Buchanan family first began rearing and processing Gressingham DuckĀ®
The Buchanan Family bought the exclusive right to breed Gressingham Ducks
William and Geoffrey Buchanan (sons of the founders) become Managing Directors of Gressingham Foods
Winner, Best New Poultry Product at the Meat Industry Awards
Winner, East Anglian Daily Times, Business of the Year
Green Label Foods changes name to Gressingham Foods
Gressingham Foods completes the purchase of Norfolk Button Farms, a production site in Redgrave, Suffolk, and the MFD and Breckland Ducks farm brands.
Winner, Farm Business of The Year, Food & Farming Industry Awards
Winner, Employer of The Year, Food & Farming Industry Awards Taste Awards Gold, for Gressingham Whole Crispy Aromatic Duck
Gressingham embarks on a new campaign to encourage more people to cook with duck
Winner, Processor of the Year, Pig & Poultry Marketing Awards
Gressingham become the first duck company to be awarded the Red Tractor logo. The Red Tractor logo shows that our products are looked after from farm to pack. This includes food safety, environmental protection and animal welfare.